All Access 2019
  • Apr 22-24 | Apr 24-26

MxU All Access

MxU All-Access is an exclusive 3-day event for FOH engineers to get hands-on training and side by side mix input from the experts at MxU.

Held at a 17,000 sq foot estate in historic Franklin, TN, you’ll hang out alongside the MxU team to analyze, mix, and improve your tracks and board mix on your own show file on your own console. You’ll leave with an improved mix, a better show file, better presets, a full stomach, and a better outlook on how to carry these changes back to your own mix situation.

Registration is $2500 per person limited to twelve spots only. Seats will go fast—don’t miss this one!

Hotel and other travel costs not included.

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We’ll be doing this year’s All Access in two sessions: Apr 22-24 and Apr 24-26. It’s said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step… whatever. Fill out the form to submit your application and we’ll see what happens.