Nashville, TN

November 7, 2017 — On Sale Now

When & Where

Nov. 7, 2017

Soundcheck – Room F
740 Cowan Street
Nashville, TN 37207

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MxU is pleased to be heading to Nashville! For our first time in Nashville, we couldn’t think of a better pairing than to join forces with the team at Morris to bring forth our version of candid audio truth plus a healthy dose of the rock. Two ingredients sure to make for a perfect day.

MxU began as a “one-day FOH mixing events for the engineer, the musician, and the creative.” Since we started these events almost two years ago, we’ve found some unique ways to dive deep into the actual ART of mixing while still staying practical and authentic. During MxU, we’ll spend time comparing our different mix methods and discuss why some styles seem to work in a mix…and why some don’t. Expect to spend quite a bit of time listening and watching our different mixes get crafted (and deconstructed) in this one-of-a-kind setting.

This day is the ultimate non-conference event—there isn't anything else like it: an intimate setting and limited seating with three of the world’s top worship audio engineers: Andrew Stone (Church on the Move), Jeff Sandstrom (Chris Tomlin, Passion, and North Point), and Lee Fields (Lincoln Brewster and Bayside Church). Come and get an up close and personal look at how, what, and WHY they do what they do.

We hope you’ll consider hanging with us. If this is your first time for a MxU or if you’ve attended one before, rest assured that MxU will have something for everyone. We strongly urge you to consider making this a team event—we’ve had some great feedback from churches that have had multiple team members attend.

Seating is limited, secure your spot today!

What’s the refund policy?

Sorry, but individual ticket refunds aren’t available for MxU. As with most live events, our expenses are fixed in order to keep the pricing as low as possible for you.

What’s the deal for lunch?

We will take a decent break for lunch so you can zip out and eat on your own or with your new-found audio brethren. Soundcheck Nashville has plenty of food options nearby—take this time to breathe a bit and let your ears recover from the rock.

Do I need a printed ticket?

Nada. The beauty of Eventbrite means no printing, no mess, no paper. All you have to remember your name and email address. No lying or you may have to prove your identity via feats of strength.