About the Event

Let’s get straight to real, practical solutions, right? This is not a “come and listen” breakout. The MxU Forum at WFX is where you will get your actual problems solved.  The MxU Forum will help HOW technology teams grow and overcome the countless hurdles that frustrate them and limit their effectiveness by connecting you to executive team members from all areas of the Church.

We’ll provide a place where you can meet, collaborate, learn, and network with a senior pastor, executive pastor, creative director, CFO, worship leader, and even get perspective from the spouse of a mega-church tech director. This diverse group of church team members will help you solve problems, understand different perspectives, and allow a safe place to get honest answers to the questions that might be tough to ask in our own environments.

It’s kinda like speed-dating (without the awkward silence).

Hearing from multiple voices, as they share about the successes and the struggles of their own church technical teams, will give you much needed perspective and insight.  All in the name of making the Church better.


Sorry, but individual ticket refunds aren’t available for MxU. As with most live events, our expenses are fixed in order to keep the pricing as low as possible for you.

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