MxU started as a collaborative effort between Andrew Stone, Jeff Sandstrom & Lee Fields.

Originally birthed out of frustration at the level of audio, production, leadership, and discipleship components available to most church technicians, MxU has grown into a brand known for it’s no-nonsense approach to church production.

These guys are passionate about equipping and inspiring the church tech with a style that is blunt and candid but above all else, actual truth based on biblical leadership principles.

Whether you experience a live “non-conference” event, are involved in the coaching program, are one of the 10,000 monthly MxU podcast listeners, or just getting inspired to be a better mixer and a better leader, the common thread is engaging discussion unique to these three communicators.


The phrase “side hustle” is an understatement when it comes to MxU for me. But it does have to be added to an already full and fulfilled plate. 

I spend the majority of my days on the team of muso’s and techs at Bayside Church in Northern, CA (the best part of the Golden State). Other hats include managing and mixing for artists like Lincoln Brewster and Thrive Worship. 

But the real prize is my family. Jeny and I have been married for 11 years and have 2 kids. Not to make this mushy, but y’all, where I come from that’s a real miracle.  

I’m a dreamer. MxU started out the same way. Out-of-the-ordinary methods and strategies abound on teams I work on. I just wont take normal and call it good. That’s boring. 

Challenging everything has its perks and also has its challenges, but I think that’s what makes me wanna get out of bed everyday. Couple that with the message we carry, basically the reason for all human existence, and that’ll keep my going till I die.

Everything above is on the right side of the equal sign for my life’s equation. 

On the the left side, I try to be slightly better today than I was yesterday.

Andrew Stone here, in addition to hanging with my MxU comrades whenever possible, my day job is at Church on the Move in Tulsa, where I serve as the Production Director and Senior Audio Engineer. After many years of road touring, the invitation from COTM proved to be an amazing way to do what God had gifted me with AND actually get to stay home more with my lovely wife, Natasha. Let there be no doubt, she’s the rockstar of our home for putting up with me for 22 years—it’s only she and I against the world and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Building teams, giving back to the next generation, discovering new processes & systems to help us work smarter instead of harder—all these are things that rate highly with me.

The best part of the last 28 years of entertainment and production work is I’ve been able to speak my mind in a world usually associated with double-talk, insinuation, and back-stabbing. I’m passionate about relying on our experiences to push through all that crap in order to bring a higher level of clarity, support, and truth to the church production world.

God expects us all to be doing this at the absolute best level possible, love that I can be a simple dude in Tulsa and still have a voice in HOW to actually make that happen.

I started my career as an independent music producer and engineer, and from 2007 to 2016 was the Front of House engineer for Chris Tomlin. Those years on the road were great, allowing me to circle the globe several times, both with Chris and the Passion Conferences.

I’ve been privileged to be a part of North Point Community Church since its beginning, and have partnered with North Point and other churches over the years, helping them train in production excellence and engagement, both on the platform and off.

My heart for helping churches excel led to the development of Sonnet House, a ministry designed to provide church production teams resources for technical training, creative communication, and spiritual connection to God and each other. I’m thrilled to bring that calling to the MxU team as we partner together to provide world-class resources to church teams so they can get better at what they do, while getting better at who they are.

I now live in South Carolina with my beautiful wife Elizabeth, (who is far superior to me in all respects), our even more superior daughter, Stella, and Lula the dog.


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