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Managing the Chaos of Christmas

By Jeff Sandstrom December 4, 2018

Leadership Volunteers
Well, Thanksgiving has passed, and now it’s time to get your team ready for Christmas. In fact, the first Sunday of Advent has already come and gone. Hard to believe! For some, this season is an execution of careful planning. For others, it’s a white-knuckled-hold-on-for-dear-life  trip that won’t end ‘til Boxing Day. All of us […]
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5 Things I Want My Production Team to Know (A Worship Leader’s Perspective)

By Todd Fields November 20, 2018

Featured Musician
1. I Care About You This should be a given, but unfortunately, in the age of production orders, systems, and deadlines we can all be guilty of trying to get the job done without asking how those that serve along side us are really doing. Making an effort to lean in and listen will often […]
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Building Leaders: 3 Things to Remember

By Van Metchke August 5, 2018

Building Leaders: 3 Things To Remember When Raising Others Up  One of my passions is raising up young leaders, helping them to find not only their vocational gifts but their God-given gifts in ministry as well. I’ve had the honor to help bring up many young leaders in and out of the tech realm, so […]
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Check 1, 2…Is This Thing On?

By Jeff Sandstrom June 4, 2018

Featured Leadership
Sound check is a familiar time for most of us. A room that was once eerily quiet has now been filled with the sounds of people chatting and gear being set-up, instrument tuning and off-line rehearsing. Now, it’s finally time to “make noise.” Isn’t it amazing what happens once the mics are turned on? Sound […]
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The Three Tech Personalities

By Dennis Choy June 3, 2018

One of many lessons I’ve learned working at a church – specifically in the tech production role – is that you will work with people more than you will work with equipment. While we use equipment and technology, its purpose is to make people better, which interprets into working and communicating with people daily. Realizing […]
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Letting Go: Breaking The Lie of Perfection

By Justin Firesheets June 2, 2018

Letting go is hard. Overcoming the fear of failure is harder. For many of us in the tech world, it’s the latter that likely ends up driving most of the decisions we make. Afraid of making a mistake that affects the service. Afraid of letting down our leadership. Afraid of confronting a volunteer about their […]
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Leading Through Change

By andrew June 2, 2018

Like many others, I’ve dealt with my fair share of change. From entering the world as a navy brat, to spending my grade school and teenage years as part of a family dependent on the oilfield. Relocating, attending new schools, starting all over again in different cities…these changes were all a part of my “normal”. […]
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Is it Stress or Burnout

By Dennis Choy June 1, 2018

Working with church leaders, I hear the topic of burnout quite frequently. Am I burned out? What are the signs of burnout? How do I prevent it from happening to me? What boundaries do I need in place? I’m so stressed out; I think I’m getting burned out. For some, it seems like stress is the norm. […]
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Own It

By andrew June 1, 2018

While traveling with a female entertainer many years ago I experienced something that turned out to be a pivotal moment in my life and career. Like many in production, I was a jack-of-all trades at the time, hired as both an Audio Engineer and Tour Manager. I had numerous details to handle, but I managed […]
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Production: Impossible

By Justin Firesheets May 29, 2018

My wife and I are huge fans of the television show Restaurant: Impossible. Each week, muscle-bound chef Robert Irvine visits a different failing restaurant across the country. With a limited budget and less than two days to work, he and his construction and design team completely overhaul everything in the restaurant, from menu to marketing […]
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