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Leaving A Legacy

By Justin Firesheets May 4, 2018

Heal the sick. Raise the dead. Train disciples. All three were things that Jesus did as critical parts of His earthly ministry. And whether you realize it or not, all three are things that you and I have the power to do, too. Heal the sick and raise the dead. Understandably, most people consider these […]
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Who Am I? Part 2

By Jeff Sandstrom May 2, 2018

So Now What? How does this realization change our attitude toward leadership? Here are three ideas for how we move from the button-pusher mentality to the instrument-for-helping-people-connect-with-God mentality. First thing’s first – Worship.  As in the verb. Aaron worshipped first.  The priests who served in the temple worshipped first; then they served through their worship.  […]
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Who Am I? Part 1

By Jeff Sandstrom May 1, 2018

Everyone who has anything to do with church ministry world will say we hold this truth to be self-evident: Sunday is coming. Ok, Saturday for you Adventists out there. Regardless of your actual day of worship, the fact remains that there is an endless list of details, big and small, that needs addressing every week, […]
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10 Things You Need to Say “Yes!” to Right Now

By Van Metchke April 12, 2018

Leading Yourself
We’ve all heard that tech people have the reputation of saying, “No!” all the time, right? Well, I think that’s an unfair stereotype. I think most of the people responsible for technology are the ones who end up saying, “Yes!” more often than not. We say, “yes,” to almost everything we are asked to take […]
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Getting Your “Non-Tech” Team Up to Speed

By Van Metchke April 8, 2018

Musician Volunteers
Getting Your “Non-Tech” Team Up To Speed Most church tech teams are full of volunteers. That’s no secret. Whether you’re a small church, a large church, or even a mega-church, your Sunday morning tech team is usually filled with volunteers. Since most of those volunteers don’t have the extensive technical background that we as leaders […]
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