Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Sep 22 & 23


Sandals Church | Hunter Park
150 Palmyrita Ave Riverside, CA

VIP Gets you

  • Special Edition Hat
  • Early Admission to the Event
  • Priority Seating
Sep 22

Audio Live

If you’ve attended an MxU LIVE event, you know what Audio LIVE is all about. We’ll spend time comparing different mix methods, discuss why some styles seem to work in a mix and why others don’t. Expect to spend quite a bit of time listening and watching as different mixes are crafted and deconstructed in this one-of-a-kind setting.

Sep 22

After Party

The MxU After Party is a chance to hang out with the MxU team and other special guests after the LIVE event. Food/Drink provided. Location will be provided at later date.

Sep 23

Teams LIVE

We’ve transferred the magic of our Audio LIVE events to a new MxU event for 2021 called Teams LIVE-a live demonstration of how the band, audio, video and lighting should work together to create one experience. You’ll experience the real conversations, training and work that go in to creating a worship set as a team: a FOH engineer running soundcheck, a video director training a camera op, a worship leader and lighting designer discussing visuals, and so much more. Not only will there be great conversation, but tons of demonstration for you to take back home and apply in your own setting.