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MxU on tour. Come, listen, learn. You supply the desire, we’ll supply the knowledge, together we’ll make everything ROCK. Plus, you’ll get to meet other like-minded individuals and share in making the world a better-sounding place. Don’t forget… dress code is black.
1:1 group training. The booth can be a lonely place. Everyone’s ears are focused on you. Well, ours are too… but we’re here to help. Through the magic of the inter-webs, you can gather up with your tribe, learn together, get some encouragement, and who knows, solve life’s problems.

Bad sound can derail you and everyone else in the room. But, where do you go to be a better mixer? Facebook? Yeah, right…MxU NOW is an ever-growing on-demand training tool for you and your entire team. Go be a better mixer. Now.  


A one-day FOH mixing event for the engineer, the musician, and the creative.

Chicago, IL

May 20, 2019  |  ON SALE NOW!

Orlando, FL

SEPTEMBER 16, 2019   |   ON SALE NOW!

May 20, 2019   |   ON SALE NOW!


SEPTEMBERr 16, 2019   |   ON SALE SOON



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Rebuilding a Sunken Ship

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MxU and Sonnet House are officially joining forces. This merger will round-out services and enable greater impact in the HOW market for meeting technical and leadership needs.

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